Partner with Santen

Creating long-term, meaningful partnerships

Why partner with Santen

Long term, meaningful partnerships are key for Santen. As a medium-sized pharmaceutical company, we work collaboratively and efficiently to harness the expertise of innovative partner companies, research institutes and academia. This helps increase the paceand depth of R&D and give patients access to treatments faster.

Patient need and customer satisfaction drive everything we do. It’s a responsive, entrepreneurial approach – we seek to improve eye health and vision in every way we can, from product adaptations to pioneering scientific discovery of treatments to tackling unmet medical needs. 

We understand payer and patient needs for affordability in the healthcare economy and balance this with our desire to innovate to further benefit patients.

As a fully integrated, globally positioned company, our world-class research and development centres, manufacturing sites and sales & marketing operations allow us to deliver innovative products that bring success to each and every one of our partnerships.